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Announcements regarding personal information

1. Announcements regarding the purpose of personal information use

Gracone, Inc. (hereafter "this company") uses personal information for the following purposes. You may request that this company notify the purpose of use of, disclose, revise, add or delete content of, suspend use of, delete, or stop providing third parties with the personal information marked with (*) as disclosable personal information.

Personal information type Purpose of use
Customer information, Account information( Including Facebook account.) Notices regarding this company's products and services, introductions, seminars, introductions to related products, marketing, surveys, campaigns, identity confirmation, e-zine delivery
Employee information For HR management and communication
Information obtained regarding commissioned work For the completion of commisioned work
Website use information
(Internet tags, cookies, etc)
To confirm website use status and the effectiveness of ad campaigns, etc.
Various inquiry information To respond to various inquiries

2. Common knowledge regarding disclosable personal information

This company announces the following regarding its treatment of disclosable personal information.

3. The procedure of response to requests for personal information disclosure, etc.

This company will accept requests for the notification of use purpose; disclosure; content revision, addition, or deletion; suspension of use; deletion; or suspension of provision to third parties of personal information, as well as complaints and consultations regarding personal information, by email ( However, please understand that this company cannot issue notifications of use; disclose; revise, add, or delete content; suspend use; delete; or suspend provision to third parties of a customer's personal information if that personal information cannot be disclosed due to the provisions of the law, etc., if this company's period of safekeeping has passed, or if the request is not made by the means indicated above. *Please understand that if you request "disclosure" or "notification of use purpose," we will charge a ¥1,000 fee. *If a representative is making the request, that representative should contact this company's personal information protection manager. Persons who may make requests as representatives are limited to the following. ・ The legal representative of a minor or adult ward ・ A representative entrusted by the concerned person to request disclosure, etc. If this company receives a request as indicated above, it will reply in writing within 2 weeks after conducting the necessary investigations. In order to prevent the leakage of personal information through identity fraud, please understand that the response will be sent by mail receivable by the concerned person only


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